The GTHLA intermingle league is  fun, social, co-ed hockey for people of all skill levels. We welcome beginners as well as seasoned players as long as you are here for a good time.

Anyone found not to be in the spirit of the mingle will receive a written warning. Depending on the severity of the situation, the player may be suspended indefinitely from the current or future mingles, with no refund. Disciplinary action is at the discretion of the mingle convenor.

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We are always in need of GMs and AGMs, please consider signing up to run a team! GMs are responsible for picking the team, making sure they know the schedule, sending reminder emails about games, making lines and getting all the jerseys back at the last game. Successful GMs will get $25 off the future mingle of their choice (expires after 18 months)

The teams will be made up about a week before the first game. Registered players can expect to hear from their GMs/AGMs once the teams are picked. Players can not be guaranteed to be on the same team as a friend, we’d rather you make NEW friends! Mingle!

To be eligible to participate, you must be a member of the GTHLA. If you are not associated with a the GTHLA, you must fill out a member agreement and pay a one time $27 fee. Information on joining the GTHLA as an individual can be found here.

The registration fee for the upcoming session is listed on the registration form. Registrants will be signed up on a first paid/first served basis (meaning spots will be reserved based on when fee payment is received, not when Registration Form e-mail is received).
Any Saturday games are at Bill Bolton Arena. Sunday afternoon games are at McCormick.

Up coming mingles:  4 teams, 7 games each on Dec 2, 9, 16, Jan 6, 13, 20, 27. All games are Sundays at 3 or 4pm at McCormick Arena.
PLAYERS $150 GOALIES $35. PRIORITY WILL GO TO CURRENT GTHLA MEMBERS FIRST until Sept 30th, new members will be added if there is room after Sept 30th but are still encouraged to sign up now just in case!

To register for the GTHLA Intermingles, please follow these two steps.

1. Fill out the GTHLA Intermingle League Registration Form


2. Next, drop off, email transfer or mail your Intermingle League registration fee  (+/-$27 league membership fee) to Heather Cunningham – finance@hockeyaa.net

To send a cheque or drop off cash, email me for address info – hezcunningham@gmail.com, cheques can be made out to “GTHLA”.

Any registration fees received after all league spots have been filled, will be returned in full. Please see below for additional information on the GTHLA Intermingle League. If you still have any questions regarding the Mingle League, please e-mail them to hezcunningham@gmail.com

Here’s looking forward to another great GTHLA Mingle!


GTHLA Intermingle League convenor

* * *


– The Intermingle League consists of three to six teams comprised of 10 to 15 players each. Requests to be on the same team as another person MAY be considered by the convenor and GMs/AGMs but are not encouraged OR guaranteed

– All Intermingle League players will be outfitted with a team jersey which they will be responsible for maintaining throughout the duration of the Mingle. All jerseys must be returned to team GMs at the end of the season. In the event a player loses or destroys her/his jersey, they will be required to pay the replacement cost of the jersey (approximately $40).

– Any player who signs up after the draft has taken place will be placed onto the teams at my discretion. So there.


– In the event a team has fewer than 12 (skating) players show up for a game, the team’s GM and/or AGM may elect to use spare players to fill out their roster. Any spares must be approved by the opposing team’s GM. No ringers!!

– Spares must be registered with the current mingle. If none of them can play, it is open to any GTHLA member. Non GTHLA Members are not allowed. There may be exceptions made for goalies, at the discretion of the convenor and the team GMs.

-GMs not following these rules will be giving a warning the first time, lose their GM credit the second time and forfeit the game on the third.

– Spare goalies on a team’s roster are allowed to fill in as a skater if there are 12 or less skaters, at the discretion of the team GM/AGM.

– Players splitting a roster spot can play in the same game IF one of them is serving as a spare (ie if someone else is away).


– The Intermingle League observes all regular GTHLA rules and regulations, incl. mandatory face protection (half-visor minimum), half points awarded for penalty-free games, total penalty free games as primary final-standings tie breaker, followed by head-to-head between tied teams (W vs L). If the final games are tied, there will be a 3 person shoot out to determine the winner. If still tied, it is a draw.

– Individual players are subject to the same expectations of friendly, non-abusive play as well as the same disciplinary measures as the GTHLA regular season.

**Email hezcunningham@gmail.com for more info  🙂